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Gabriela Simion 30 October 2023
Verified User
Worst hospital any human being would want to be.
My daughter was in lots of pain on her leg and took some pain medicine and felt like her heart would give up, very fast heart beating and sensation of throwing up, dizziness.. the ambulance took her to this hospital as is close to our house but instead of putting her on a stretcher which I saw lots of them lining up by the nurses sitting by the computer, empty stretchers yet they let my daughter suffering in the wheelchair. It's the worst hospital any human being would be., they put her in a wheelchair and set there in the waiting room for almost two hours. They did EKG as she set in wheelchair.
Penny Mangalindan 18 September 2023
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Wont take my complaint after treated me wrong with a broken finger
This is got to be the worst hospital ever. They treated me wrong with a broken finger put the wrong splint on squeeze. They tightened it right where my brake was. I had to go back two days later for them to tell me that and then put me in a half cast and not put gauze in between my fingers Which created a huge infection in between my fingers. I called them because I decided to make a complaint against the hospital. They won’t even take my calls anymore. SHAME ON YOU SAINT ALEXIS YOU NEED TO BE CLOSE DOWN!
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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