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Josh Ploss 17 January 2024
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Avoid this hospital like the plague
My father was a patient here recently and I am sharing his opinions as well as my own on this place. The doctors here are atrocious. Mostly, because there were multiple doctors giving contradicting orders and leaving the nursing staff to figure things out. One example, the morning of returning from surgery to re-close an incision, therapy techs showed up and tried to force him to get up and walk, when the doctor had told him directly he wasn't allowed to get up yet. Things like this were a daily occurrence during his stay.
Cristobal Martinez 12 December 2023
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I got into a car accident waited 2 hours to get an mri & another other to be triaged to a filthy room with a recliner. This is only after I had asked 3 different times if I could get a bed because my body was hurting & sitting upright made my body hurt even more. I was only given this room after I asked for my outpatient paperwork because I wanted to go home to LAY DOWN. As no one seems to be understanding that sitting upright is causing me PAIN. The nurses at the front are understaffed and you can tell they are spread thin I had to apologize for my behavior but waiting 3 hours in an emergency too & not being seen by a doctor is not what or something that anybody should ever have to endure. When I mentioned I was going to leave a review the nurse at the front pointed to the wall with a hotline where I can call & leave my opinion
Gregory Dunbar 06 November 2023
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You're better off not having insurance!!!!
The Hospital never asked me for my daughters insurance card, then sent me a bill for 277.80. After me calling and giving them my insurance information for my daughter they sent it in and coded it incorrectly and sent me a bill for 463.00. Now, they won't remove it and give me the cost of 277.80. This is why the world is screwed up.
Rhonda L. Bayless 24 August 2023
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My treatment was horrible from beginning to end
The worst experience I've every had at a hospital. I went to the emergency room - my treatment was horrible from beginning to end. After had an xray and ct scan they sent me home saying it was "muscular pain" I was experiencing. 24hrs later, I was at Eskenazi - same tests, xray and ct scan, they had me in surgery within 2 hrs of being there and I ended up in the hospital for 9 days. They told me if I didn't arrive when I did....I probably wouldn't be alive. The nurses in the emergency room didn't care. It wasn't even a case of them being busy. They seemed annoyed to help. I had to request a wheelchair to leave - the nurse asked multiple people to take me. She finally did and made me walk to the car. The security even apologized. Horrible healthcare.
Jeremy Grimes 09 August 2023
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Poor beyond poor patient care
My very close friend went to ER complaining of a bowel obstruction, did not receive all the bag of IV solution bc nursing did not hang bag correctly, my friend is in remission for uteran cancer, drugged her up on pain medication, did not offer to help escort her to my vehicle to take her home, discharged her after they drugged her up on pain medication to the point she could not function what so ever!!!! Poor beyond poor patient care and we are both beyond disgusted with Methodist!! Supposedly the best hospital care, unfortunately we did not witness good care there!!!! Absolutely the worst care!
taha gheath 02 August 2023
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ER is definitely not ”an emergency experience!”
ER is terrible! Multiple hours wait, while you’re sitting there in pain. It’s not that busy to begin with.
Amber Nicholson 28 June 2023
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Family NOT allowed to stay in the waiting room with BRAIN BLEEDING
Since when is the family NOT allowed to stay in the waiting room when their relative has BRAIN BLEEDING????!!!!!!!!????? Absolutely ridiculous experience. My brother was lifelined here and they wouldn’t let our family into the hospital. VERY unprofessional. Compassion is number one priority in this field. I do believe they could use a course or two to brush up on this skill set.
Machel Hines 25 May 2023
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Nurse spilled the meds then lied that my daughter "refused" it
We waited until after the 7am shift change to ask for help. At 10:30 that morning, I literally had to go to the nurses station to ask for my daughter's morning nausea meds (chemo patient). The nurse came in, spilled the meds and then told the charge nurse that my daughter "refused" it.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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