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KK 18 March 2023
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They let my grandma bleed out and die
My grandma was rushed there (would’ve been life flighted there but the weather was too bad) from another hospital for emergency surgery as she was bleeding internally. Instead of doing the surgery that she was rushed there for they let her sit there in a room all day and overnight to bleed out and die at 6am. The most horrible lazy hospital with the coldest staff, specifically nurse station 3E, cardiology. Anyone you talk to does not offer condolences and anything that you ask is a problem or they don’t know how to answer it. Unless you want to die, choose a different hospital!!
Niki Dulaney 21 December 2022
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NOT good at communicating
While they kept my husband alive, the staff at UPMC are NOT good at communicating at all. They neglected to share pertinent information regarding injuries, tests and test results. Their nurses and doctors had no concern over things like blood in the urine and broken bones (on a patient in ICU). When I called to get information I was passed from one automated system to another and prompted to leave a voicemail and told someone would return my call within 24 hours. Nearly 2 months later I am still fighting to get questions answered and medical records sent to my husband's primary medical care team located in another state. Even though a authorization form was filled out and turned in (multiple times) they still will not send the records. Their reason for not sending records is due to be "understaffed". This is the excuse I have been given for not receiving a call back after leaving multiple voicemails. No one there seems to know how to communicate correctly or in a timely manner.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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