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Terry Litrell 25 April 2022
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unavailable services
scheduling PT is a nightmare as was told that they don't have any openings. trying for over a month to get in and they cant schedule. scheduling folks are lacking empathy and compassion. go elsewhere if you have to get PT - Good Sam ain't the place.
Gene P 02 December 2021
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Alright care
Using the UK system for the first time, having transferred from St. Joseph due to lousy experience. The doctor was attentive. Had a radiology procedure.
Timmy 06 May 2021
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long wait
Made me wait in radiology for the next crew to come on. My time is not important to them.
Big Al 20 April 2021
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Ordered Wrong Test
On April 6th - A nurse called informing me that my CAT scan was scheduled at UK Good Samaritan 2 weeks from now. I told the nurse it was the wrong test – that my doctor ordered an MRI. I also protested against going back at UK Good Samaritan bc they sent me home with a fractured, swollen, painful, discolored black foot with instructions to apply ice pack and take NSAIDS. The nurse stated if I needed an MRI, I needed to call radiology and schedule it with them myself. I was taken aback and requested to speak with my doctor. Later, the nurse called back saying that they can schedule the MRI, but it is still going to be at UK Good Samaritan. I protested against this location. I also told her I was in pain, and could not wait for 2 weeks. My doctor informed me that a MRI was scheduled for me and it is going to be at UK Good Samaritan in 3 days on the 9th.
Big Al 05 April 2021
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missed fracture
On Sat 3-20-21 I went to the ER at UK Good Samaritan Hospital suffering from intense (10/10) pain, swollen left foot with plantar ecchymosis after a fall. The foot was black compare to my other foot. The ER doctor came in the room, and ordered a foot x-ray. About an hour later the doctor said the x-ray showed “soft tissue swelling, possible ligament tear, bone intact – no fractures.” Despite the pain and the swelling, I was released by the nurse with printed instructions to apply ice for a sprain, and NSAIDS for pain. Over the next 10 days, I continued to suffer “night sweats”, toes coiling up, foot spasms, gritting my teeth and crying as I try to walk. I got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion who requested my record from Good Samaritan. On Fri 4-2-21 I went to the orthopedic surgeon who told me based upon the x-ray I had at Good Samaritan I have a Lisfranc fracture. He ordered an MRI to evaluate the full extent of the damage.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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Mr. T 01 April 2021
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Terrible ER
The emergency department at this hospital is horrible: 1. Triage is conducted by a clerk in a front cubicle - in addition to insurance questions the clerk asks about symptoms (onset, duration, severity) etc. 2. There is a wait to see the nurses (who should be doing the triage). 3. Billing - for waiting in the ER for about 3 hours for an x-ray of the foot - they charge $1000. This is in addition to the doctors fee which was billed separately. The CMS needs to visit this ER to access its "deemed status" accreditation. Terrible ER. Avoid.
g.p 04 December 2019
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Great Surgery Experience
I had a wonderful surgery experience. The staff were very helpful. I was in the hospital at 8am and out by noon without any problem.