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Cat B 22 November 2021
Terrible place
Don't go there.
Kathy Whitmer 25 June 2021
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Elderly abusers
Victoria B 03 March 2021
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Awful, terrible ppl
Rude, awful staff that dehumanizes and gaslights patients. Left a young woman with a chronic pain condition in agony after surgery. Do they not realize that their patients can hear them gossiping about them? Awful, terrible people.
Meredith Martinez 03 March 2021
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go to another hospital
my mom was discharged from University of Louisville Hospital2 weeks ago and I have to say the experience was a complete nightmare. She was in for a total of 18 days for a brain injury and we never once spoke with a doctor. We requested to speak with them but the nurses would only take a message that were never returned. The updates from the nurses were inconsistent and at times were for the wrong patient. Access and updates were provided outside the family when we specifically asked that the communication be limited due to a potential domestic abuse situation. When we were told that she was being discharged yesterday afternoon, the case manager threatened to call adult protective services if she wasn’t picked up by 9pm and hung up on another family member asking questions. When we arrived to pick her up, the nurses on duty had no idea that there were discharge papers processed three days ago and the family had never been notified. If you care about your family member’s health and well being, I recommend that you take them to another hospital for their care.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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