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Megan Coldiron 28 April 2021
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worst experience
I normally do not do reviews but feel the need to speak. My visit and stay with Dr. Forrester and Baptist Hospital was by far the worst experience I have had. When I told I was sober ten years and was very worried about pain medication, I was treated like nothing was wrong with me and the nurse (Sarah on 5th floor) belittled me multiple times. It was not until the general surgeon came into my room that I actually learned what was wrong. This doctor (Forrester) would not even look at my scan. I checked myself out ama and took my scan results to another gynecologist that was truly concerned I did not receive the care I needed. This experience was devastating and truly hurtful. I was shocked in the care that I received from this doctor and the nursing staff.
Kristina T. 01 February 2021
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The Lexington Women's Health group at Central Baptist has been such a great support during my pregnancy and before during my regular health care. They are caring & always have a smiling face when I come in to the office. Amongst their demands of many obstacles during COVID-19 they have taken it all in stride. It has been nice to have their support during COVID when uncertainty is at an all time high. I will always appreciate the hard work they put in to their jobs every day!
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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