800 ROSE STREET LEXINGTON KY 8592572278 4 customer reviews
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Joe 22 January 2020
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Hold your wallet
This place is about fleecing the public. Double billed for services and when I protested they threatened to report to collections. Also, they make you pay for parking that can really add up specially if they make you wait to get register, make you wait to get labs. The outfit who run this racket should be ashamed. Shame on UK - the only thing good about it is basketball.
Big Al 14 April 2021
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This place sucks
Yesterday I arrived at 8:20 for a 8:40 ortho doctor appointment. Pre-registration woman made me wait standing for over 10 minutes with a fractured foot while she was on the computer. After she was finished registering me, I waited another 45 minutes. It was only after I threatened to leave that they gave me a yellow card to go to radiology for foot x-rays. Poor service by nasty, lazy people. This place sucks.
Michael Wellington 14 March 2021
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My experience was positive during a difficult time.. thanks to the nursing staff
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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