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Paula Jarrell 20 July 2021
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no apology
If you're almost dead and have no other options, then this is the place for you. The doctors are not the problem. It's the staffing all the way up to the top chain of command. If there's a problem, instead of apologizing, they will send you a letter describing that they checked it out and simply take the word of the offending staff. Instead of the apology we got a letter meant to ward off a lawsuit. Five issues were completely denied by the. We just wanted to make them aware, not file suit. Anyway, you will leave angry, still sick, or dead.
Angela Stilwell 03 February 2021
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This is horrible
It's no wonder this hospital has rating that it has . I thought this was one the higher respected hospitals I'm wrong. From. Not an personal experience but from reports I'm getting from my fiance he getting treated worse then theses smaller hospitals gives. No food. No results. No plan. Nothing . He will be filing and report on this hospital. SMH. This is horrible. I'll never talk highly again about this place.
Lynn Hamilton 25 January 2021
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I could have died
I went here for an emergency paracentecis at the advice of a nephrologist, and they said my condition was "not emergent" and refused to do it. There were at least two ways I could have died. Among other things, my diaphragm could have ruptured from the pressure of fluid in my abdomen. But they felt free to bill my insurance over $2000 for no treatment.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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