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Joshua RIVERA 18 September 2023
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Stay away at all cost
Most unorganized place I have ever been to.
Buck Rogers 09 September 2023
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Pediatric care sucks
You know I am starting to believe Broward health needs a total makeover. Not just this one location but all. I spoke up this time however because it was involving kids and a health care personnel. How dare you refuse to do your job?
Ryan 31 August 2023
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Still trying to add more charges more than a year later
More than a year later and this hospital is still trying to add more charges without any description when the balance was paid in full almost a year ago even after insurance. Really poor finance and billing department.
Angelina Cash 03 August 2023
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I would not recommend Broward General
Everyone that was sent here in my family died. I would highly recommend Memorial Hospital. The doctors at Broward General don't provide quality care to black patients.
dorothy allen 10 July 2023
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They let someone in labor wait for hours
My daughter was in labor and had to wait hours to be seen
Jessika West 27 April 2023
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The nurses bedside manner - NONEXISTENT
I have never experienced such unprofessional behavior, the way I did from this group of nurses. My husband was in for emergency surgery. Surgery did not happen until 2 days after being admitted. He was in excruciating pain. Most of the nurses on 5th Atrium always made it feel as if it was a bother to call them for assistance. They either had an attitude, showed up hours later, or simply just didn't come until they were called again. One of the nurses would even ask him "What do you want now?" The icing on the cake was when one of the nurses decides to come into my husband's room to tell him relay a message that I needed to leave the room so that some of the other staff could come in and "talk" to my husband and laughed while making the statement. Initially I was confused by the comment because I asked the nurses if it was ok to stay and I was told yes. In actuality this nurse was being extremely messy and unprofessional and would have never expected such behavior from a caregiver. On our discharge date, one of the nurses thought it was ok to joke as we were leaving and telling us we could not take some of the pillows to assist him with propping up while in the car. She literally stops me as I'm leaving to ask why I was taking the pillows (Mind you we waited over 3 hours to be discharged as they claim they were only waiting for the wheelchair to transport him). When I advise her, I asked if it was ok and the nurse informed me it was, she laughed and said "Oh, I'm just joking." At no point did I find this funny nor a joking manner. Even one of the other nurses asked if she thought that was funny. It wasn't!! I would never recommend this hospital to anyone. By far the absolute worst experience I've ever had in a hospital.
William Wareham 13 April 2023
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I was treated fairly nice up until I was discharged
The nurse who was supposed to care for me wasn't there to help me get ready to leave. He was supposed to call me an assistant or something. I was totally unable to prepare by myself. Transportation attendant came twice and had to leave because I wasn't ready. Also, they are 100% politically biased. All the madia was far left and I prefer to watch what both sides have to say. They even blocked two apps on my personal device. Not sure how or why they would do that but it is unconstitutional, and a violation of my rights. They even blocked Fox, and I don't even consider them as right wing.
Chris Rio 26 March 2023
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Life threatening condition was ignored for hours
Please read the one star reviews as they are consistent with my experience at this hospital's ER. I could write a book but no one would read it so I'll keep it as short as possible. DO NOT come to this hospital's ER for any reason, it is that bad. The staff treats people as though they are not wanted. My brother had a life threatening condition with extreme pain and was ignored for hours. A doctor eventually did see my brother and he finally was given some pain medication and then he did get the surgery needed that saved his life but GD this took so many hours. I do not even like to think about this experience but feel I must in order to warn people to stay clear of this place. There is something systemically wrong with this place, I wouldn't know where to start in order to correct it.
Mia Shark 22 March 2023
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This entire experience was a nightmare
I had an absolutely horrifying experience at Broward Health Medical Center. Not only did they fail to provide adequate care for emergency surgery, but the nurses in the post-op room ignored screams for help and did nothing to alleviate intense pain for over 30 min. The only reason I received the necessary medication was because my trusted confidant, who happens to be an Emergency First Aid Responder Instructor, intervened and obtained the care necessary. The lack of care resulted in extreme stress on the heart and nearly resulted in death. To make matters worse, after successfully ensured proper care was received, hospital security removed her from the premises for "trespassing". It is appalling that the hospital would choose to prioritize their own bureaucracy over the well-being of their patients. This entire experience was a nightmare. I would strongly advise against using this hospital for any medical needs, as their lack of care and disregard for patient safety is completely unacceptable.
Marilyn Rodriguez 08 March 2023
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March 3rd, 2023 went to E.R. after 6 hours finally got in, most people that were waiting left unseen by doctors. Once in I Had blood labs, urine. AND an ultrasound that was done so viciously it left me bleeding 2 days bedridden. On top of that the Rude doctor ignored my symptoms and said he's the doctor and refused me the opportunity to speak about my ailments, guy looks like he's on speed, anxious and irritated, his name is so long you can't remember it, he was tall with black hair, I've lived through rude people and hes in the top 3 for sure. Well he orders me another ultrasound comes in with results and says you are discharged nothing wrong with you. I asked for the name of the chief of medicine and he said he was the boss and walked away, saying sarcastically have a wonderful day. Well I go to HCA E.R. AND IMMEDIATELY GET SEEN. I HAD A VERY BAD INFECTION, HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNTS! ABDOMINAL SWELLING SAME AS WHEN I SAW THIS BAD BROWARD HEALTH DOWNTOWN DOCTOR! HCA ORDERED A non contrast CT SCAN AND IMMEDIATELY 30 MINUTES LATER Had A DIAGNOSIS THAT COULD HAVE KILLED ME IF UNTREATED! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS BROWARD HEALTH SYSTEM? I EVEN HAVE INSURANCE! PAID IN FULL ZERO DEDUCTIBLE! WHY DIDN'T YOUR DOCTOR DO HIS JOB? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. BESIDES THE WAIT YOU CAN AT LEAST DIAGNOSE AND TREAT PEOPLE PROPERLY ITS NOT THAT HARD. SEEMS LIKE HEALTH ISN'T YOUR BUSINESS MODEL. IM SORRY TO SAY. I REGRET EVER ENTERING THOSE DOORS.