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Nichole Jean 07 October 2021
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not reccommend
Not a good experience. Did not find the nurses nor PCT staff helpful. The staff were very sarcastic and insensitive to my partner's current condition where he was unable to do anything for himself after 4 emergency surgeries in 3 days. He had not bathed for 2 days and then PCT dropped stuff for him and left when it is obvious and he said he needs help please. They did not change the dressing for his wounds and did not do checks on the machines attached to him to ensure everything was fine. He had to keep buzzing someone to come check him and they would show up 30 mins after. The machine sucking blood from his surgery site was not working and this was completely missed. I am just overall disappointed and would not recommend :-(.
Maquavia Shouman 25 May 2021
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Worst hospital
This hospital has gone down over the years. I literally had to Wait in the ER for 4 hours!!! They don’t move with a sense of urgency. Just because they see you on two feet they feel like you okay. You have to literally come in through an ambulance to get treatment fast.
Neeima Said 28 April 2021
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another level of indecency
Unfortunately this is supposedly one of the better hospitals in the South Florida area… I beg to differ… Coming from DC I’m used to the worst conditions in public hospitals and this is another level of indecency. Lack of communication, lack of time management, lack of order of operations among staff, carelessness regarding information that needs to be passed along for the sake of efficiency / time and proper care and management. Understaffed.
Ivette M 14 March 2021
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stay the hell away
I went there you go to discuss bariatric surgery with Dr. Eddie Gomez and he said he would do the surgery all I needed was Insurance approval and five nutritional visits as well as a psychological evaluation I did all that I have left messages and no one has returned my call very unprofessional staff working for Dr. Gomez buddy looking to have bariatric surgery done at Jackson do you self a favor stay the hell away from them!
Thelma Farfan 01 February 2021
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Everyone there is very professional and friendly
Jennifer P 01 February 2021
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I hate coming to Jackson not only is extremely dirty hospital but has very bad reputation for being slow,rude and dirty . Hate coming here especially during emergencies because it’s like a outdoor playground no rules no cleanliness, last choice if UHealth is not available on the other hand UHealth is great clean
Mory Medina 01 February 2021
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5 hours sitting in the waiting area still haven’t been seen.. ppl have been waiting over 10 hours HORRIBLE.. you can die in the waiting area and no one will notice!!!!
Jorge Solano 01 February 2021
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My wife went in for a double transplant on Dec 8th Liver and Kidney hoping to get her life back and instead it has turned into the worse nightmare of her and our lives here we are 45 days later after several surgeries and many complications too many list. We find ourselves frustrated and feel abandoned by the people who are supposed to help us communicate and represent us since we can’t be there with her. I need to know how to escalate it and get in touch with someone that could actually help us I’ve already tried with the social worker and Case manager. The commutation from the medical team is horrible. I do have to give all of the wonderful nurses in the ICU and Post op unit the ultimate shout out especially Rochelle, Christina, Mo, Justin, Edwin, Sergio they truly go out of their way for my wife and very kind to us as they understand what the family is going through also. I’m extremely disappointed and and at a total loss.
Angel Willis 25 January 2021
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Have to be dying to matter
it seems that I’ve been here all day now my back has started hurting and I have A excruciating headache it’s one of the worst hospital visits I’ve had. It’s seems like you have to be dying or close to it to matter to the nurse or doctors. They not one the same page because 3 different doctors came to tell me the same thing but nun of them gave me anything to help the situation. I came at 2 and I didn’t leave until 11 and they didn’t give me anything to help while I was there I say there crying because I really don’t feel good and so it like at this point I would rather treat myself at home than to go to a different hospital because I’ve wasted my whole day to come and go with more problems than I came in with. I’ve sat there watch people get checked in the er and leave, they came in after me so what the big deal
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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