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Arianaz Derakhshanian 18 September 2023
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This hospital better hope that I didn’t have anything of serious matter
I came in with shortness of breath and chest pain.I told them that I’m feeling lightheaded, the left side of my body hurts and I’ve been having shortness of breath for about a week and there’s sharp pain every time I breathe that’s getting worst. I was seen right away with the EKG and X-ray and everything and then was told to wait in the waiting room and that was the end of it. I showed up at 1am and by 7am I was still in the waiting room. The night staff was horrible especially the front desk with the lady with crusty eyelashes not only she was judgmental even though no one asked for her stupid opinion but every time we went up to her saying that I can’t breathe she kept saying that they’re trying to look for a room for me; yet, these incapable humans can’t even do that apparently. This hospital better hope that I didn’t have anything of serious matter or they will be hearing from my lawyers. As for whoever is this “owner” that only says “can you fill out our patient survey”. I do not want your stupid survey. Do something about your staff and pray that I don’t come after you and your so called hospital.
Bradley Garness 08 August 2023
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This is a public health disaste
Blood on floor in waiting room. All seats full.
Florian Kiener 15 July 2023
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A shame for this country, this city and humanity
Very very very poor treatment on all levels. The night nurse at unit 3 F treats patients like animals,not responding to patients asking for help or pain medication. It’s a shame for this country, this city and humanity. I would never again go there.
Shaakira Arnold 12 June 2023
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Nurse did not respond to help button
My mother was transferred here from Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD for open heart surgery. Within the first 24 hours of her stay she had a mild heart attack. I pushed the button for help. No one came. I went to the nurses station and was told that the nurse was at lunch and that is why no one responded.
Katie Copeland 02 June 2023
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The center itself should be absolutely ashamed of the service they provide
I am absolutely disgusted with this facility. The center itself should be absolutely ashamed of the service they provide to their patients and their families. I understand if there is stress due to understaffed, dealing with complicated people, but it is your job. You chose this profession to HELP people. To CARE for these people. Yet you hang up on them instead of answering their questions. You dismiss them as if they are below you, that their fears and worries are of no concern to you! You call yourself a MedStar Hospital, which is suppose to mean something in this area. Which should mean the best in the area. Washington Hospital was SUPPOSED to be the best around, but in reality, it is nothing but a disgrace to the MedStar name. The ONLY reason I would even give this place 1 star, is because of the doctor's. The doctor's weren't the problem for my family. They were doing everything they could to help us. The problem is the politics and hospital itself. They want to release a patient home who needs rehab after a stroke and heart surgery, yet will not help him get into a rehab center, and he can barely walk on his own. Then refuse to release him because we can't provide the 24hr care at home, all so that they can collect money for him to have to remain in the hospital from a family who can't afford for him to be there. This entire hospital and staff should ashamed of what they are claiming to stand for. Your families do not matter to them one bit. WE NEED TO DO BETTER!
RP 24 May 2023
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Preventable and traumatic complications for both mother and baby
Unfortunately I had the experience of witnessing what should have been a joyous family member's birthing experience result in a preventable and traumatic-a term used by the midwives- complications for both mother and baby. The previous birthing care from one of the midwives and the Labor/Delivery nursing staff was excellent and followed the standard of care for obstetrics services. The recent birthing experience, however, has resulted in a complicated recovery period for both mother and child. We as a family hope and pray for a full recovery for both.
J B 26 March 2023
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Never again
I went to see a doctor at this hospital for regular visit in November 2022. Got charged a hospital fee in addition to the office visit. It would've been nice to have been told about the fee when I was in the waiting room or better yet when I scheduled the appointment with this doctor. Depending on who you talk to you get a different answer as to why. 1. From oh you always get a hospital fee when seeing a doctor at the hospital. Nope! Not when I see 2 other doctors there and they don't charge a hospital fee. 2. They were a specialist. They ALL are! 3. Then you get Oh its how the doctors are contracted with the hospital. How in the world is the patient supposed to know that??? What makes matters worse I asked this doctors office a month prior to the appointment what charges there would be and all i got was an office visit, since I was a "new patient". Also this was originally scheduled to be an appointment in October at the Mitchellille, MD location for the same visit. Doctor couldn't make that appointment so it was rescheduled. Next time I'll just ask in the waiting room if the doctor going to charge this fee or not. If the receptionist or whomever is there can't answer with certainty or say yes. I'll just walk out and they can have the empty slot of an appointment. Never again.
John Nunez 19 February 2023
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Go to any other hospital
I believe this has to be the worst hospital in the entire DC. most of the nurses generally don’t care about patients health. They show lack of urgency in times of urgency. As one day I was in the emergency room I saw a patient whom was transferred in a ambulance for a suffering a stroke. They had the patient in the corner by herself in a stretcher while all the nurses were busy chatting and having casual conversations. If you have the opportunity to go to any other hospital please do. This hospital is horrible in general. I complained before. They don't listen.
Janet 14 February 2023
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Waiting five hours
This is the worst hospital we have been to in the DMV we have been waiting for five hours to be seen. My husband came in with blood in the urine and is a former cancer patient. He is also advanced in age around people who clearly have Covid and they were bringing stretchers in with people not wearing masks. I’m also a cancer patient if we both don’t wind up sick it will be a miracle.
Shauna Lee 04 January 2023
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Not be coming back to this hospital
Came to the emergency room for chest pain, I been waiting for 10 hours the only thing they call me for was to draw blood, and do an EKG. The way my chest hurts I start crying, one of the patients that was waiting got up out her sit and call one of the nurse for me, all she did was ask me my name. I told one of the nurse that I was feeling nauseous if I could get something for it, no one never came back and brings me anything or even look my way. If I could give zero star I would, I will not be coming back to this hospital.