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Jimi Lee Burkhardt 22 November 2022
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Treated horribly
I went to this ER for emergency care and was treated horribly. Dr. Brandon Eisinger is the doctor who treated me. He ran a lot of blood work and a CT scan which I appreciated as this was my second trip to the ER within 48 hours. However when I first spoke to him and tried to tell him what was going on he cut me off. Then when I did not agree with the medications or treatments he was giving me he refused to come back to the room and talk to me about it. The nurse then told me there was nothing they could do for me and I was on my own. I drove to this hospital as it is the hospital my surgeon is affiliated with but never again. This Doctor was cold and did not care about my pain or what I was going through. Do not go here unless it's in an ambulance. They made me wait three hours to see the Physician even though my BP was 230 over 114.
Ahmed Smaisem 26 August 2022
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The worst hospital ever, we’re in the emergency room and the patient is having serious shortness of breath in 2 whole hours no one see him!!! DO NOT EVER THINK TO COME TO THIS HOSPITAL.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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