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Tea Cunningham 24 January 2023
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My first time in 2019 the nurses were very rude and rushed the whole process. I told one of the nurses that I had bad acid reflux and I was going to puke while pushing and that I needed to push on my side , she told me “NO oh stop , come on”. Then when finished she stuck the I.V in my arm wrong and I had a big black/purple bruise on the whole inside of my forearm for the whole 3 days I was there. They never repositioned the IV at all. PLEAS DONT LET THESE NURSES TELL YOU HOW TO PUSH, they only tell you to push on your back so it’s convenient for them!! Next birth in 2022, I came in, got measured to see if I was ready, the first nurse said I was 10cm and couldn’t get the epidural and baby should be out in the next few mins. An hour past no baby yet, meanwhile I’m in PAIN!! Screaming for an epidural. The next nurse comes in confused as to why there’s no baby yet, she measures me and said “oh wait she’s 7cm”. Then they get into a back and fourth argument in front of me WHILE IM STILL IN PAIN!!! 3 hrs now has went by I am FUMING and still NO BABY and still IN PAIN!!! On the fourth hour my black doctor came in and measured me for the last time and told me I could finally get the epidural, and apologizing because 4 hrs went by and I could’ve had the epidural and spent 4 hrs in pain screaming crying for no reason. I hate it here and definitely don’t recommend it, EVER!
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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