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Kat Schneider 03 July 2024
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Stuck us with the $60,000 bill since February
Will never be going back. They did surgery on my fiancé for his leg, we told them what insurance we had a week beforehand and they confirmed they took it. They did the surgery, then a week later we got a letter stating they don’t take our insurance and stuck us with the $60,000 bill. There’s no reason why they should have touched him if they didn’t take the insurance that they TOLD US they did. Not only that, but any time we try to call the office for anything they don’t answer, or whoever answers it says “well they’re busy so….” And they hang up on us. Also refused to give him an x ray because he’s “not financially cleared”. But they refuse to give us financial assistance because we have insurance, but also won’t take said insurance. Honestly if I could give a 0 star rating I would. We’ve been dealing with them since February and it’s been absolutely terrible. We have one visit left and will not be returning after.
Gabrielle Vasquez 19 June 2024
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Terrible health care for cancer
My father was 49 passed away. Our family was not happy with medical team they just was not the best. If it wasn’t for my mom my dad wouldn’t have made it as long as he did. Was always one thing after another they lie about your medical condition. Take your family members somewhere else
Logan Schivley 12 June 2024
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Cleveland Clinic is World Class care?
TALK ABOUT A JOKE! Worthless unqualified cocky doctors that dont do anything for patients. Nurses that clearly got their degree in 5 minutes online. An absolutely filthy hospital environment. For the love of god if you value your life DO NOT EVER GO TO CLEVELAND CLINIC. This has to be the worst hospital system in america not one of the best. Dont waste your time trying to get help because they dont care and will get you out in the most expensive way in the least timely manner. Awful hospital system. Dont waste your time with this hell hole.
Craig Harrison 29 May 2024
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If they can’t get their billing straight, not sure you want to trust to manage your health
Went to Cleveland Clinic for an executive physical and should have gone somewhere else. They are incredibly disorganized at Cleveland Clinic, especially around their billing. Dealt with multiple situations with incorrect billing that I had to work to get resolved. Despite showing a zero balance on my account and being told my account was paid in full on two separate occasions, I just found out they sent me to debt collections over a $150 bill that was supposedly from 2 years ago. No bill was ever received and my online account still shows a zero balance for what I owe. Now I get to work on this a 3rd time with a debt collection agency to get this mistake fixed. If they can’t get their billing straight, not sure they are the ones you want to trust to manage your health. Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else.
Nikki 15 May 2024
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My mom fell here, was never cleaned up, medication mix up
My mom was admitted to Cleveland Clinic. They sent my mom to J-72 that when things went wrong. She was never cleaned up, bed never changed. Some of the nurses were good except for one nurse. She kept getting my mom medication mixed up and her insulin. She also fell and the staff act like they do not know how she fell. Cleveland Clinic is not how it use to be. Do your research.
Ky T 26 April 2024
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Experience Cleveland Clinic Main Campus was nothing short of a nightmare
My infant son was subjected to general anesthesia at only four weeks old, leading to a terrifying episode of apnea, all because the doctor neglected to measure his eyes prior to administering anesthesia to make sure his surgery could be completed. To make matters worse, the surgery was not even completed, resulting in my son's unnecessary admission to the hospital. During our stay, it became apparent that the nursing staff was oblivious to my son's condition, with multiple nurses asking why he was admitted, demonstrating a glaring lack of oversight and care. Adding insult to injury, another child's medical information was erroneously charted into my son's records, leading to a day of distress and confusion until they called me over a day later to advise of their error, and charting another child's medical conditions on to my sons chart. On top of this, my sons surgery was not completed as the ophthalmologist had stated that my son had ANOTHER medical condition that he did not have. The misdiagnosis by the ophthalmologist further compounded our anguish, as it was only through seeking treatment elsewhere that we learned the true cause of my son's condition, confirming he did not have what the ophthalmologist had said. Had we continued under the care of the Cleveland Clinic, my son's health would have been jeopardized, potentially leading to irreversible damage and blindness. This experience has left me with no doubt that I will never return to the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus for any future medical needs. Their negligence has caused unnecessary stress, anxiety, and worry for my family.
Dr Manal Sajwani 27 March 2024
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I don’t understand how come this hospital is ranked first
I hate being here, they are so rude, not professional, most of the doctors which I interact where super excellent, but not all, the most I didn’t like is the nursing staff, they treat you and talk with you rudely especially in the J31 which is the coronary ICU, I will never come back.
Ali Scarborough 27 March 2024
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I don't have anything positive to say about this institution
I was treated for breast cancer last year-mastectomy and then herceptin treatment. Plastic Surgery/breast reconstruction just wants your money, don't even bother trying to get someone to care about you as a person. I had to beg to get my expanders out because they were so painful. Oncology missed crucial testing for me as a previous cancer survivor and I now have cardio-toxic effects for life. Do your research, get a second opinion and don't trust their treatment protocol.
Kristina Bayus 23 December 2023
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Do not blindly trust any healthcare provider here
Almost every specialist I have encountered here is incompetent and downright lazy. If you have any rare conditions (especially vascular compressions) I would stay far away as possible. Since they are the world renowned “CCF” they believe they are truly experts on everything which is not the case! Unfortunately their fragile ego’s do not allow them to realize this; thus they never open their minds to reading more actual medical research or just doing their job? There have been a few that have decided to be open minded and research my conditions and educate themselves which I appreciate! However that has been a small minority at CCF and the thinking of most of their providers is downright dangerous and costing many people severe pain and suffering. Be your own advocate, do your own research and do not blindly trust any healthcare provider here. I am so grateful I haven’t!
Christine Thompson 21 November 2023
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Hope deferred….
Very disappointed with the neurologist that saw my husband for his chronic migraines on 11/17/23. The neurosurgeon from Cleveland Clinic he met via zoom two days prior was exceptional and very explanatory. We drove over 4 hours each way to the clinic and we were so hopeful that we would finally find out something more and get help and relief of his chronic migraines. His neurologist and VA referred him to Cleveland Clinic for care because the clinic is supposed to be one of the top of the line facilities for care but dr Cardona basically told us that she wasn’t treating him because she said you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen with his care and he already had care. Also said he had been given the best treatment for migraine… what more does he want… The worst part of it was in her final notes recorded in MyChart the doctor stated ‘not done patient had too many questions and points to make. Of the 65 minute appointment I counseled and answered all the questions.’’