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Rachel Helms 03 July 2024
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My husband went through a lot and all because of Duke University negligence!
I truly understand people can make mistakes, but they left a metal blood vessel clamp in my husbands arm. He had arm reattachment surgery after cutting his arm off. The surgery did not work because he was a smoker. 6 months later he had the arm removed (second surgery) and this is when Duke University left the metal blood vessel clamp in his arm. The doctor will remain nameless. Then he had his "stump" checked by a Dr. locally (who will remain nameless because her father is a prominent figure). She did not see this in x-rays or she did not do x-rays or she dismissed it! This doctor was a friend from school of the doctor who performed the initial surgery at Duke. I am sure they discussed it! Finally upon seeing another local doctor about the pain, he showed us x-rays IMMEDIATELY and the reason for the pain was IMMEDIATELY diagnosed and surgery IMMEDIATELY performed and pain was relieved after my husband feeling as if he had his arm amputated 3 times now because his nerves and tendons did not like being "disturbed" yet again. I asked the doctor who performed the third surgery to give me the clamp!! However, in my concern for my husband (and to the delight of this doctor I am sure) I forgot to get it. It was great that he found the problem but I am sure these 3 doctors talked about this among each other! WOW! I feel he was treated unfairly all the way around!
Salyma Johnson 05 June 2024
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never would have i expected to get such terrible service at Duke
I have heard so much of duke never would have i expected to get such terrible service and experience from giving birth to my very first children when i had my twins at duke hospital september 6 2023 i had covid and had to get a c section the nurses left my food outside for hours because they didn't want to be around me cause i'm sick i just had twins and didn't get my food till the nurses changed shift every everyday in the hospital i didn't get my food until a nurse changed shifts my food was so cold by then i didn't want to eat it my kids where premature and had to go to the nicu the nurses in the nicu where very racist and evil they didn't want to let me see my children they was rude they called child services on me three times because they did not like me i suffered postpartum so bad because my child couldn't come home due to being held hostage i would never recommend such a sick hospital to anyone!!! the care quality is sicking
Kelby Matthews 01 March 2024
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Overhyped hospital
Not sure why duke is so renowned when they can’t even run a simple emergency room. Staff was trash, very rude and unprofessional, if someone was dying they would just roll their eyes and play on their little computers Dude literally told me it will be a 13 hour rate. Kinda funny how a hospital in the sticks of hickory is better, kinder, more effective, and faster when a acutely emergency happens then a over hyped hospital in the capital of NC.
Saeed Balquizi 29 January 2024
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Worse hospital I have ever been to
Do not come here unless you plan on waiting over 9 hours to be seen and treated.
Linda Fish 18 November 2023
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Duke has reached a new low in Health Care
I practiced Nursing for 45 years and never came up against any care that is this poor in quality. I'd give them stars in the minus categories if I could. My son had eye surgery and every time we went for an appointment we waited over 2 hours to be seen. I can tell you I read 150 pages of a book on one visit. We actually saw people leave without being seen because they had waited so long. My son objected to the long wait one day and was told by the surgeon that he was ruining her day. Because of the wait he asked to talk to the manager or an administrator. While waiting the police came made him leave because they said he raised his voice. He was not allowed to talk to the administrator and was escorted out. This is not the first problem we have had with Duke. I can, in no way, recommend any Duke Service. Giving them -5.
Megan Adams 10 July 2023
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After 7 hours waiting we went to another hospital to find out he had a head injury, check injury
Horrible! My husband was brought in by ambulance after being in a MAJOR wreck. He sat on a gurney for 7 hours in a hallway and his vitals were not even taken. He had to clean the glass out of his face and arms himself. Once I arrived, we live in Tennessee, after a 6 hour drive, he still had not even been seen by a nurse. We left and I got him to another hospital, where they found out he had a head injury, chest cavity injury, and lung bruising. All I can say is this hospital is LUCKY that he was able to walk out! I understand being busy and short staffed, but you have to at least preform assessment when someone comes in!!! If you have a choice, which my husband didn't (this was the closest hospital to the accident) DO NOT go here in a really emergency situation.
Andrew Kane 13 May 2023
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Duke University Hospital is a financial predator
My partner had an MRI taken that they estimated to cost under $400. They billed her $2600 for the visit. Extra procedures were added without informing her beforehand. Even the exact MRI she needed cost $1000 more than the estimate. This is not an insurance issue: the extra cost to her was due to the hospital charging $9000 total for a procedure they estimated would be $4000 total. You cannot trust "good faith" cost estimates from this hospital. Go somewhere else with more integrity, or more competent accountants.
Morgan Herrera 15 February 2023
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Give patients the average wait time
The wait is absolutely absurd. We had a real emergency - non stop vomiting for 5 hours and numbness in extremities and we weren’t see for hours and hours. There were a lot of patients but they clearly don’t have the people or systems in place to handle it. At least they could give patients the average wait time but they don’t even do that they just kept saying soon. Worst ER experience ever.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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Hoss Man 23 October 2022
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The staff dont communicate with each other. Came in for a scheduled test only to find out the order was never submitted. Waited for hours unnecessarily.