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Hannah Glick 10 July 2023
Verified User
Filing a formal complaint. I WILL NOT allow them to get away with this.
Most traumatizing hospital experience I’ve ever had. I was admitted for an overdose and I was too weak to even stand or walk. At one point 4 nurses came in the room and all the sudden tried to restrain me. I am disabled, multiple neurological conditions and severe PTSD, so rightfully so I was terrified and tried to resist. They took this as “being uncooperative” and violently attacked me. One man grabbed my arm so tightly and yanked twice, hurting my shoulder and tying my arm to then very top of the bed. My shoulder was being pulled the entire time and I am still injured. They retrained each of my limbs with ropes that required LOCKS to get out of. I screamed for help and nobody did, they just laughed in my face or called me “crazy” and “insane” behind my back. I’m absolutely disgusted and will be filing a formal complaint. Shame on every single person there. I WILL NOT allow them to get away with this.
Pat Cloran 24 January 2023
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I went there and passed out while I was waiting from dehydration. One lady told me to get up and told me I’m fine and treated me with a lot of disrespect. Should of been a place of care and underestimated what position I was in at the time. Eventually once I got to the actual hospital room and was treated, I had good caregivers though and they helped me throughout the night.
Bella Lettieri 15 November 2022
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Literally the worse hospital in Philadelphia area. DO NOT GO HERE. They will not let you have anyone even family members with you in the ER. The nurses have no idea what is going on and have terrible bedside manner. THEY DONT CARE. If you want the worse health care experience of your like then come here.
LEE Ali 17 February 2021
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This hospital is garbage. They don’t return phone calls or emails. They don’t explain anything. Me and my wife had the most horrible experience. The employees don’t care, the doctors don’t return call nor does the nurses. They overall just don’t care and I would not recommend them to anyone even if you were dying.