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Sonya Hutchins 20 November 2022
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My boyfriend should never have died
My boyfriend was in UPMC Shadyside the second week of August 2022, he was having problems breathing and they told him he had an infection from his aorta valve that needed to be repaired. They pumped all this medicine into him for the infection, told him to get up and start walking around to prepare to go home and while he was walking he went into cardiac arrest. He ended up on a vent, the infection got worse, the valve was never repaired. His family transferred him to Presbyterian, which he still received terrible care. The infection spread throughout his body, his kidneys failed and they let him lay there until they could not repair the aorta valve because the infection was too bad to operate. He had blood clots and his lung could possibly collapse. On 9/28, he was taken off the vent because there was nothing they could do. Do not send your loved one to UPMC Shadyside or Presbyterian. My boyfriend should never have died.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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Adam S 19 February 2021
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good, except all the "non profit" tax evasion scheme couldnt rate lower $8,541,652: Jeffrey A Romoff, President and CEO $3,521,014: Diane Holder, EVP, Pres UPMC Health Plan* $3,342,535: David Farner, EVP and Chief of Staff $3,157,283: Steven D Shapiro, EVP and Chief Med and Science Officer $2,831,790: Stanley Marks, Board Chair* $2,496,071: James D Luketich, Board Member and Dept Chair $2,351,616: Robert A DeMichiei, EVP and CFO $2,293,691: Gregory K Peaslee, EVP and Chief Admin Officer $2,265,204: Talbot Heppenstall, Jr., EVP and Treasurer $2,217,356: Thomas McGough, EVP and Chief Legal Officer $2,207,006: Leslie C Davis, SVP and COO HSD $2,168,987: Charles Bogosta, EVP $2,141,840: Victor Morell, Board Member $2,055,719: Christopher Schmidt, Orthopedic Surgeon $2,003,956: Ajaipal Kang, Board Member
edward vergnaud 19 February 2021
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rude ppl
The ladies at the main level 7 are very rude. They do not treat people with respect.