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R Mackey 20 November 2023
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Malpractice and neglect of my son!!!!
My experience with this hospital has not been just a let down but also a major thorn in my side. My son is in chronic/illness/pain and has been since he started dialysis which this October makes about 3 years. Long story short on his most recent stay at Temple which is currently the main campus the doctor is denying him pain medicine unless I sign him up for pallative care which pretty much is pain medication to make you comfortable but no antibiotics to help make you better??? What???? My son and I have had this discussion. He wanted me to always do whatever was possible for him. I have nurses harassing me doctors threatening me...one nurse even had the nerve to say to me "you can sign for this and then cancel if you do not want it later (pallitive care) later.???...wait...WHAT??? I don't want it now! Nor did I ever ask her opinion. They know he is in pain! Never at any hospital in Philadelphia have I encountered this but Temple. At the Jeanes Campus it was even worse! There my son ended up with complications was intubated and sedated..they were pushing me to DNR and I wouldnt do it. When I wouldnt do it they actually said to me..." ok when he comes to, we will talk to him and you will have to deal with his wishes." I told them "good then you can stop harassing me!" Let me just say once he was able to talk again he told them his wishes....which was what I had already told them and still they persisted with ..."Your going to have to change his mind...??? ???? Someone please make this make sense?!?!? Now just let me digress to the day b4 yesterday(11/18/2023) at theTemple main campus...I went into hospital to visit with my son . As soon as I got into room I knew something was wrong. I touched his hand and it was completely limp his eyes were starring nowhere...I go for the nurse and try to make her understand there is a problem and she just says oh that's not how he usually is just sleeping all day? I said he's not sleeping something is very wrong!!! I ask one question. Have you checked his glucose numbers today. She says no, why? I tell her... He is a type 1 diabetic! She says well the doctor didn't tell me that?! What?!! I find out that they have not checked his glucose since he was admitted. Dont they keep records around here???...do they check them!!! Apparently not!!!She then took 20-30 minutes to check his glucose and when finally she did it was so low it wouldn't register a number!!! Actually she didn't even do it she passed it off to a pca or cna who took it. Finally it was the cna that alerted people that there is a problem. Ok so now the room is full of nurses and doctors....bcoz I had to go krazy to get their attention because apparently my word means nothing...and believe me this happens more often then not!!!. I advocate for my son becsuse he can no longer speak due to screw ups from one institution to Even after they get his glucose number to a safe level and I'm asking how did this happen if your monitoring his vitals? And guess what? They didn't check his glucose even though he is a type 1 diabetic?????? A Dr tells me he is sorry and I just shake my head.... Now then they begin to tell me how they bagged him before I got there. I ask them How did that happen? No answer just crickets and after that you just let him lay there and didn't check his glucose? ...as part of his vitals????? Your bagging him and he's going into a diabetic coma???? And you don't even know it?! And I walk in and absolutely nobody bothers to inform me about this and now you want to deny him pain medication if I don't choose to sign for pallitive care?? And omg you dont even want to hear about me listening to complaints from individuals who are supposed to clean my son up... then make a mistake and say it out loud while I am there and try to clean it up by saying...."oh but you can trust me to take care of him correctly". With the side eye no less. I do not reccomend this hospital. Do not get sick. Do not come here. You may not go home.
Riadh Hasan Rana 12 December 2022
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Shame on them
I saw people screaming with pain for hours after hours, but nobody cared. If a healthy person wants to become sick, then this is the perfect place to come- a hell in the earth. I wonder why these people don't feel guilty.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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