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Henrietta Walter 22 June 2022
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Let this be a warning to all that go to Baylor Frisco at 5601 Warren Pkwy- My brother who is suffering a great deal of pain was scheduled for surgery at this hospital. He paid over $9000 IN CASH for the procedure the day before the surgery was scheduled-as they would not accept his insurance. Then, they called and took all of his personal information, assuring us that we were all set and ready for surgery the next morning. He followed their instructions and got off all his pain meds and began fasting to prepare for surgery when a few hours later the hospital abruptly called and canceled his surgery stating electrical issues!?! In addition, when he called the hospital back, they stated the hospital was furloughing employees! Which is it Baylor Frisco-furloughing employees or electrical issues???? The following day, I continued to call the general hospital phone number, but ALL of the phones were down and there was no way to reach the hospital. In the end, my brother is still in a great deal of pain and now has to deal with trying to find a new hospital to have his surgery. This hospital is not safe and patients will be harmed based on their conduct.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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