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Jennifer M 20 November 2023
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In this ER for 2 days with facial cellulitis
My husband has been in this ER for 2 days with facial cellulitis. We were Told a surgeon would be in this morning possible surgery to remove infection so NPO. He still has had nothing to eat or drink and we haven’t seen the Dr. our nurse is not to blame. I’m moments away from moving him out of this uncomfortable, loud, hot and stuffy ER room to another more competent hospital. While I certainly understand an overload of patients I DO NOT understand lack of communication and tolerance of a patients discomfort.
Jesse Flippen 23 October 2023
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It all about the money
Go here if you want to give them money for the rest of your life!
Antoine Johnson 27 September 2023
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Waiting behind a curtain for 6 hours is NOT ok
The emergency room have you sit in the back behind the curtain for 6hrs. with no doctor in site. Terrible experience to be told the doctor has 30 patients in the er when you been here since 5:30am!! Please have patient advocate available for a chronic illness patient to talk about plan of care!!
Ms Johnson 21 September 2023
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Last place you should go to have a baby
This hospital doesn’t even deserve 1 star my sister went in to have her baby they sent her home against the better judgement of other hospital staff and she ended up a short time later having her baby in the car upon arriving back at the hospital the staff acted as if they didnt wanna care for her baby because they didn’t deliver the child but had they kept her at the time we were there it wouldn’t have been a problem poor service if u plan on having a baby this would be the last place you should go
Excefellow 12 June 2023
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I asked for water and had to wait an hour
I went when it wasn't busy and they took their time laughing and joking in the hallway. I asked for water and had to wait an hour, I arrived by ambulance because I was experiencing full body fatigue and no one helped escort me out. It just seems like I was a bother to them.
Shelby E 25 May 2023
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9 hours wait in the ER for rude and lazy staff
Spent 9 hours in ER after doctor ordered us to get admitted. The staff is rude, lazy and unprofessional.
Villa Gissella 02 April 2023
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This hospital killed my father October 5,2022,they did so many things wrong and I should have gotten an Autopsy!!
Lana Williams 22 March 2023
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Family member nearly died in this hospital
Family member was left unattended due to contagious disease. Filthy room and bathroom. Never came and cleaned but brought supplies to practically bed ridden patient. Food was brought in cold. Uncaring and just horrible nurses. Family member nearly died in this hospital due to neglect and horrific treatment. Was transferred to another hospital where treatment was so much better and lifesaving.
Jim 24 February 2023
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My advice, find a better hospital
7 hours to be seen in the ER Monday night. Go home with antibiotics. Then they call on Tuesday and say the blood culture is bad and that have to go to the ER and be admitted for IV antibiotics. Show up at the ER as directed and wait 5 hours to be seen, even after telling them that they called us. Then, they don't have a room for admission.
Stephanie Callendar 21 August 2022
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Not returning
Texas Health Presbyterian of Dallas was once my go to for all things medical including two successful pregnancies and births. After my experience on 08/18/2022 in the ER, I will not be returning. The nurses lack customer service and empathy of sick patients and family of those experiencing a death. They curse while children and elders are present while congregating in the front instead of attending to those who matter. The nurses in the front end who are the first point of contact did not live up to the oath they promised. The hospital failed me and I’m so disappointed. The 4 hours I was their I also did not see any cleaning personnel especially in a time of Covid and monkey pox clean surfaces are important. Not one seat was wiped or floor mopped. Please do better for the Dallas community.