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Ken Cornish 09 January 2024
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Lost my list of medications
Er lost my list of medications and no one seemed concerned or ever asked me what medications I was taking. Never wanted to make sure I was taking what I needed. I am a diabetic and they knew this but every meal was all carbs and no protein. Lot of high fructose corn syrup. Then they wanted to give me insulin because my blood sugar was high. If I had my metformin I wouldn't need insulin. Lime corrosion build up on faucet indicates it wasn't cleaned very often not matter how hard the water is. Smoke detector hang from ceiling by the wires. Dr. making routine rounds at 1030. I arrived in the evening about 6 and it took 2 hours and several requests to got something to eat.
Rocio Fuentes 27 September 2023
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I went into the ER with severe pain, and swollen lymph nodes. Male ER doc told me it was “probably something viral” ordered NO labs and discharged me. Seems to disregard anything you say if you’re a woman and will walk into your room and say “I’m going to do a physical exam and if I don’t SEE anything I’m discharging you." I went to DHR ER and I had a UTI & was septic.
Iris Haydee 25 May 2023
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Staff not helpful and unprofessional
The doctor on duty the night of May19, 2023 did not even helped my mom out. My parents were there for over 3 hours and the staff was not helpful at all. The doctor asked my parents if they spoke English, which my parents said “No”, he turned and left. Never came back. After 3 hours of waiting my parents took off. So disappointed of how unprofessional they were.