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Eli Hogan 04 December 2022
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I'm furious.
I'm furious. I went in with major tongue swelling that had cropped up that morning on the advice of my doctor, who was concerned about my airway being obstructed. I offhandedly mentioned that I had mouth ulcers as well but they had been present for about a week. I waited a couple hours to see someone, they took my blood, then returned several more hours later and handed me a pamphlet on mouth ulcers. It would be like going in for a severe rash, casually mentioning you had a headache, and waiting several hours for them to hand you a pamphlet on headaches, tell you they couldn't do anything for your rash, and send you on your way, charging you over $700 in the process.
Jenny Lester 21 November 2022
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Not operating per standard
Be prepared to advocate for your loved one if they choose this hospital. My father recently had surgery with a three night stay. As a healthcare provider I was extremely disappointed with the care he received. His gown was not changed throughout his entire stay, he was not bathed until discharge (third day), his bedding was never changed and he was not provided a call light until discharge. The hospital staff did not work as a cohesive unit to ensure my dads needs were met. This is not the standard at which any hospital should be operating.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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Elena Ricardo 11 October 2022
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Mother went into a surgery that was supposed to be 3 hours and ended up being 6.5. At no point was my family informed about anything that was happening. Even after she was “in recovery.” The doctor didn’t come out to give updates. Emory-DO BETTER.