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Hin Seene 04 August 2023
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Most horrible hospital I have ever been to
Oh how I wish I read some of these reviews before taking my husband here. And I am a nurse for so long and worked and been patient in so many hospitals in Georgia and outside of the state and I am shocked at how horrible everyone here is. They will literally kill you with their horrible outdated practices and absolute carelessness for human being. Unfortunately, this is not my first time with Emory. Labor and delivery Decatur almost killed my sister last year. I thought that was different hospital/floor. And hoped this was better because they were one of a few people that accepted our insurance and my husband needed emergency spinal cord surgery. But, oh boy was I wrong!!!. Now, I am honestly scared they might do something really bad to him. It’s the saddest feeling ever for me. Hopefully I just came here to do my part letting people know how horrible this place is for now. If I can save someone from the heartache I am going through right now. Please believe me when I tell you this place is the most horrible hospital I have ever been to.
April Preston 31 May 2023
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Disappointed in level of care my mother received
Lack of communication between doctors and teams. Disappointed in level of care my mother has received since Friday May 26. Back and forth between doctors. One team schedules procedure to be completed inpatient. Next morning new team of doctors cancels. This was a wasted hospital stay that made a difficult situation even more difficult. Came in with Gross Hematuria and leaving with the same, with a procedure appt scheduled for July 11 (32 days later). I encourage the different team of doctors to look at the whole picture. Disappointed in Emory to say the least but definitely not surprised.
Shondrell Jenkins 29 March 2023
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No compassion
This is the worst hospital ever. Emory is overrated. They do not prioritize the severity of the patience. The ER is very dirty. For a nurse to blame the closing of AMC is insane, these people that work at Emory doesn't have an compassion nor SYMPATHY.
Joe Pitts 29 December 2022
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Would never recommend using the ER here
Got wife to ER at 2:00 PM, she had fever of 103.3, saw take in nurse within one hour. Been sitting in waiting room for 8 hours for results and to see a doctor. Just learned they only have 1 doctor for all of the emergency room. What a waste of time. Would never recommend using the ER here. You’ll die before you see a doctor.
Audrey Fishell 30 November 2022
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Will be held liable
This hospital has really gone down hill. My dads been in the hospital for 12 days now. He went to the ER and his liver is functioning at 12%. Well, I don’t know what the problem is but we have no answers and they keep rescheduling a biopsy. This is a life or death situation!! I am so disappointed and they will be held liable if anything happens to my dad. They’ve had plenty of time to try to figure something out or to give us some answers.
Katie 14 November 2022
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Terrible place. Do not let your loved ones go here. They let my grandmother die. They never treated her infections, never would listen to us and they even let her flat line in August. They never looked over her and gave up on her.
Stephanie McCarty 07 November 2022
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Very disappointing
I just had a procedure at Emory last Tuesday and the experience was pretty miserable. I arrived on time and was in pre op when my doc informed me the surgical department was running behind. After that the nurses and other staff pretty much forgot about me. I was freezing cold, no food or drink since 7 pm the day before and laid there all day. One of them suggested early on that I give my phone to my family member who left. Bad mistake. I called out to the nurses across the hall, 10 feet away. They ignored me. I just wanted a blanket. Earlier a nurse disconnected all my stuff like IV and never came back after I used the bathroom. Finally around 4 or 4:30 I think I was taken to the operating room in the bowels of this ancient building. When I laid back on the operating table the anesthesiologist put a mask on me with no oxygen coming out and I had a panic attack because I was suffocating. He pressed harder and I kept taking breaths. I have been put to sleep many times, never like that. It was horrible. After I went to recovery my doctor told me I was being admitted. I was put in a dirty room on 6E. There were dirty sheets on a chair from a previous patient. There was a potty chair next to my bed that had been used. It was going on 7 pm. No food. Nobody offered water or ice. I told my doctor there was a medication I needed to take and it was ordered. They finally ordered a cup of soup and ice cream. By the time I could eat it, the soup was stone cold and the ice cream was liquid. Still no water. It was close to 10 pm before I was given water. I was exhausted, hungry. I got up to go to the bathroom and used the nurse call button to ask for water and ice and an extra pillow. The tech came by and informed me to ask for whatever I needed at once. Excuse me.....I just came out of anesthesia! She literally stood in my room and fussed at me. Can you imagine what would have happened if I had asked them to warm up the soup? It was bad. Everything was just too much for the staff. This was all shocking to me. I love my doctor. She was great. I had a surgery in early 2021 at Emory and it was a wonderful experience. I am really shocked at just how bad the experience was. My last nurse that came on at 7 am was helpful and kind. The other nurses and techs need to find another career. I have not decided what to do moving forward as most of my docs are at Emory. Its very disappointing.
Artrena Hope 15 October 2022
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They will face the Ultimate Judge
My nephew passed away at this hospital. He had sickle cell. He was scheduled to have surgery. After surgery my sister was told "I don't see a reason why he shouldn't go home and live a normal life now". Well they didn't close the incision properly which caused blood infection. Had to go back in to "correct" it. That's when things went downhill. We knew the damages that sickle cell did to his body, but this careless mistake cut our time with him even shorter. My sister cried and as she watched her son fight for his life. She told the nurse that he is a good kid. The nurse told her good kids die every day, what do you want me to do? Another one said "I'm not about to hurt my back lifting him. He reached his hands out and pleaded for food. He was on NPO. She brush his hands off like he was poison. She could have at least been nice about it. She looked at him like she was disgusted and said " oh you're breaking my heart, I can't give you anything to eat". My nephew starved in that hospital! They started to ignore the call lights and walk pass the room waiting on him to pass!. My nephew deserved better quality of care leading up to his final days. To the staff that played any part in harming him or caused any negligence to him will have to face the ultimate judge. You just don't know who you hurt when you treated him the way you did! Karma is real!!! We want revenge, but we are going to let God handle them! Vengeance is mine says the Lord!
Wric Allen 06 October 2022
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16 hour wait
A Hellish nightmare with a 16 hour wait for a cancer patient severely dehydrated & dangerously malnourished. Shame on you, Emory. Low standard of care.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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