20201 S CRAWFORD AVENUE OLYMPIA FIELDS IL 7087474000 3 customer reviews
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Quality - How good is this hospital? 1.0
Compassion - Do they care about you? 0.5
Trust - Do you trust them? 0.5
Relief - Did the treatment work? 0.5
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Kolby Hopkins 02 June 2023
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Avoid this Hospital at all Costs
If you want to die perfect place to go. this hospital needs to be shut down sad this is the only hospital in the area I would go to south suburban but avoid this Hospital at ALL Costs anything serious like a head attack, stroke, and you have to go here may god be with you.
Medina Bailey 26 May 2023
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I would rather lay in the street and wait for help to take me to another hospital
I came in May 9, 2023 via ambulance. The hospital staff instructed the EMT’s to leave me up front with other persons walking in to the emergency room. I was in severe pain and crying out for help. I asked the nurses to call my husband as I could hardly talk and was in so much pain, however was told no, not until you answer these questions. I felt degraded, less of a person, definitely not a patient. There was absolutely no regard for my condition and no compassion. If I could walk or had a cell phone on me I would have called an Uber to take me to another hospital for help as I waited for my husband to arrive. If I’m faced with going to this hospital again I would rather lay in the street and wait for help. I will never recommend anyone needing emergency care to go this hospital. Rating deserves a 0.
RAH Admin 30 October 2019
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